Sleepytroll Baby Rocker


Sleepytroll Rechargeable Baby Rocker gives you and your baby a well deserved break

  • Fits All Strollers
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery
  • Built-In Motion and Sound Sensor
  • Adjustable Speed Settings

FCC CE   Developed in Norway. Patented Globally.

The sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted to fit the weight and size of your stroller and to fit your child's behavior. When activated with the sensors, Sleepytroll will rock for 3 minutes and then goes back into sleep watch sensor mode.

Sleepytroll can also be used manually without connecting the sensors. Then it works for 40 minutes before it’s automatically switched off.

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Baby sleeping in stroller with Sleepytroll


Babies are used to movement from the time in the womb, and will naturally continue desiring movement long after being born.

Sleepytroll recreates that rocking feeling that helps baby sleep long and well in their stroller og crib.


Sleepytroll will never replace you, it only helps you rock the stroller or crib when you really need it. It's when the baby sleeps you can rest, play with the siblings or get something done.


Sleepytroll is safety tested by TÜV, and complies with CE and FCC regulations regarding exposure to electromagnetic fields and is ROHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) compliant.

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Happy parents

I truly recommend this product to everyone with a little child.

We got twins and this product is my little ”nanny” when I need to do something and they want to sleep. Its been working great!


Absolutely love the Sleepytroll. It's a sleep saver!

...and the best part is when the baby is sleeping and almost waking up, that's when the Sleepytroll gives you the best help!


Great device for babies who need rocking to sleep.

We became quite dependent on this when our son had his daytime naps. Totally worth the money. You can't put a price on a sleeping baby!


Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews
Katie Lucas
Wonderful product!!

This product has been wonderful for my family and I as an extra pair of hands with our new baby and our demanding toddler!! I plan on spreading the word ad I feel this product isn’t known about in the US but is so worth the price and wait!

Zuzana Kudernatschova

Has not arrived yet

Frank Vardas


Josefin Müller-Sterba
Tolle Sache

Ich bin Hebamme und kenne das Problem… Kinder wollen getragen werden und immer in Bewegung sein. Dieses Gerät macht Verschnaufpausen möglich und ist für jede Familie eine Bereicherung. Kann es nur empfehlen .

Lionel Taurus
Super useful and efficient!

When I found this product, I had my doubts like everyone could have but then once I got and tried it, this thing is a life saver. It's helping so much to get our baby to sleep in the crib and in a stroller, it's just amazing! I just wish there was more accessories coming with it like an arm with a clamp to fix the sleepy troll to the crib. But outside of this, it's definitely worth to buy! I highly recommend it.