Sleepytroll Baby Rocker

Automatic sensor controlled baby rocker

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Why Parents Love Sleepytroll

More sleep

Babies are used to movement from the time in the womb, so will naturally be comforted by movement.

Less crying

Sleepytroll recreates that rocking feeling that helps your baby sleep long and well in their stroller and crib.

Extra hands

Sleepytroll has built-in sound and motion sensors that start to rock your stroller gently when sound or motion is registered.

Automatic sensor controlled baby rocker

Sleepytroll is a rechargeable smart device that automatically rocks your stroller using sound and motion sensors.


Multiple usage areas

Sleepytroll can rock your stroller, crib, and car seat. Just attach it and watch your little bundle of joy drift off into sleep.

Sound sensor

Sleepytroll has a built-in sound detector that automatically responds when your child starts making sounds.

Long battery life

Sleepytroll has long-lasting NiMH rechargeable batteries (no lithium), and comes with four international power adapters.

Motion sensor

Sleepytroll immediately starts to move when motion is detected, to rock your child back to sleep, before going back to sleep-monitoring mode.

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Sleepytroll is safety tested by TÜV, and complies with CE and FCC regulations regarding exposure to electromagnetic fields and is ROHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) compliant. Sleepytroll uses safe NiMH batteries (not lithium). Can be taken on a plane.

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Sleepytroll will never replace you, it only helps you rock the stroller or crib when you really need it. It's when the baby sleeps you can rest, play with the siblings or just relax with a cup of hot coffee.

Baby sleeping in stroller with Sleepytroll


Babies are used to movement from the time in the womb, and will naturally continue desiring movement long after being born.

Sleepytroll recreates that rocking feeling that helps your baby sleep long and well in their stroller and crib.

Happy parents

I truly recommend this product to everyone with a little child.

We got twins and this product is my little ”nanny” when I need to do something and they want to sleep. Its been working great!


Absolutely love the Sleepytroll. It's a sleep saver!

...and the best part is when the baby is sleeping and almost waking up, that's when the Sleepytroll gives you the best help!


Great device for babies who need rocking to sleep.

We became quite dependent on this when our son had his daytime naps. Totally worth the money. You can't put a price on a sleeping baby!


Developed in Norway

The reason why I made Sleepytroll

Frequently asked questions

Does Rocking Your Baby to Sleep Help?

Many bleary-eyed parents know how challenging it can be to get your baby to fall asleep. There are many different methods to encourage sleep, such as swaddling, massaging, singing, and walking. Like the time-honored lullaby, rocking can be effective at putting your baby to sleep.

When Should You Stop Rocking Your Baby to Sleep?

Infants require a lot of sleep, including naps throughout the day. It’s a good idea, however, to establish a sleep association with nighttime as they grow older. Since daytime rocking can create powerful sleep cues for your child, you might consider reserving rocking for the evening. If your baby shows signs of sleep difficulty, either in falling or staying asleep, then it might be time to scale back on rocking.

Does Sleepytroll fit all strollers?

Yes it does. Just attach it to your stroller, and watch your little one drift off to sleep.

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